Crawford is actively part of the dialogue that illustrates and demonstrates the usefulness and relevance of composites to multiple industries. Pioneering paths to composite usage in motorsports, Crawford now serves automotive OEMs, multiple motor-sport disciplines, defense, industrial, music, aerospace, construction/structural and medical industries. Crawford strives to solve the toughest engineering challenges as we advance composite usage objectives for our customers. From lightweight high-temp carbon fiber air ducting to radiology boards to aircraft interiors to waterproof industrial instrument boxes; we design, engineer and manufacture a wide array of composite products.

By constantly evolving and innovating, Crawford is advancing into more markets and showing customers that their ideas can be brought to life with creative and customized solutions.

Case: With decades of motorsports fabrication experience, Crawford is also called upon to make transportation components that support automotive OEMs.  Drawing on this experience, Crawford was enlisted to employ light weight carbon fiber technology to fabricate multiple vehicle bodies for full motion simulators meant for training drivers and future part development.  The simulator car bodies are lightweight, stiff and sustain significant inertial forces in operation.