Crawford Composites, LLC specializes in the design and manufacturing of structural and non-structural components; primarily utilizing advanced composites and aerospace grade technology. We pioneered the introduction of autoclaved composite laminates to the American race car industry as the first US, privately owned, non-aerospace company to build a complete carbon fiber composite car in 1990, the Mazda RX7-92P, for competition in the IMSA series.

Constantly evolving, we continue to move into varied markets where our expert knowledge of composites technology sets a high-bar standard for innovation and problem solving. Crawford Composites has a unique position in the marketplace as a one–stop shop where customers can obtain an extensive selection of services in-house in a 48,000-square-foot facility.

With guidance and direction from our leadership team, our long-standing employees consistently produce extremely reliable and consistent products, be they military equipment, medical imaging boards, or structural car components. Together we endeavor to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations; anticipating their needs; responding quickly to new projects and ongoing change requirements.