Crawford Composites has been a driving force in engineering, design, manufacture and service of lightweight, durable, high performing carbon fiber and composite parts since 1998. Located just north of Charlotte in Denver, NC, Crawford specifically offers class A surface capable autoclave processing, composite compression molding, 5-Axis processing, machining and prototype expertise. Proficient at a wide variety of laminating methods, the Crawford team is continuously turning-out demanding parts such as tight tolerance medical boards, hand-trim aircraft interiors, tactical military helmets and a variety of structural parts for the automotive sector and multiple motor sports platforms.

Expanded Advanced Analysis

Crawford's stress analysis has performed composite FEM analysis (STATCs & DYNAMICs) on models with over 1 million elements, including linear and nonlinear load cases. The team has extensive experiences with ANSYS, SOLIDWORKS and Autocad.  Based on a customer’s need, Crawford's team can deliver a quick safety check for a part or a complete stress report.

  • Composite ply  lay-up design
  • Micro/macro mechanical analysis
  • Analysis of shear lap joints
  • Failure analysis with first ply failure -Hill, Tsai-Wu, Haschin, and more
  • Simulations on different sandwich structures
  • Bolted joint analysis
  • Metal and composite hybrid model analysis

Crawford currently serves customers the likes of: Cirrus Aircraft, Gentex, Hybrid Project - Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Heartland Harps, Schramm Industrial, Santa Barbara Infrared, Toyota and Unilever. Current development initiatives include innovative efforts in the areas of underwater structures, electric car structural components, recycled material integration and architecture/infrastructure. Crawford is ISO 9001:2015 compliant, ITAR registered and FDA/DOD registered.