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Crawford PaddleShift System

Crawford’s Latest Industry Innovation

With the new Crawford PaddleShift System, shifting from gear to gear is effortless and takes less than a split second. Click here to hear how our revolutionary product can give your race car a winning advantage.

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"Crawford took our concept from a paper napkin to a beautiful product with customized design and functionality. We were delighted by the price and on-time delivery. Frankly, we were blown away and so were our customers."

- Jeff Sturges, President of Resolute Racing Shells


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Why Composites?

The Sum is Greater than its Parts


By combining two or more materials, the resulting composite brings together advantages that neither material has solely on its own.

Compared to metals such as aluminum and steel, structural and non-structural carbon fiber components currently

designed and manufactured have specific attributes that multiple industries view as highly desirable.

The properties of carbon fiber composites offer a wide range of advantages including lightweight, stiffness, high strength-to-weight ratio, UV resistance, and corrosion resistance.

The Right Product for the Right Job

Our ability to utilize the advantages of carbon fiber allows us to customize a unique solution for your product needs.

Be it ballistic threat protection for a soldier’s helmet, lightweight for better fuel efficiency, or excellent acoustical properties for a musical instrument, we continually use carbon fiber composites to push the envelop of what we can achieve.