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"Working with the entire team at Crawford has been awesome. They're not only master artists with carbon fiber, they also really care about getting it right. It's been a real pleasure working with them. One of the lead consultants on our latest job with Crawford referred to them as 'a world-class organization' and I couldn't agree more.”

—David Woodworth, Owner of Heartland Harps & Music


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Art Meets Function

When designing and building a musical instrument, the traditional materials, such as wood and metals, have been the standard choices for many years. What if you could build a musical instrument from a different material with the same sound quality that also solves some of the age-old problems inherent in instruments made of wood and metal? We have revolutionized the carbon fiber composites industry by doing just that.

A Musical Harp Made of Carbon Fiber?
When Doubters Say Why, We Say Why Not.

David Woodworth, owner of Heartland Harps & Music, knew the limitations of traditional harps: heavyweight, easily scratched and dented, and highly susceptible to damage from rain, humidity, and sun exposure. He also knew the many advantages of carbon fiber composites and wanted to see if a high-quality musical harp could be made from them.

After preliminary development, Mr. Woodworth brought his harp design to Crawford Composites, trusting the company’s superb reputation for creating solutions to challenges most other companies can’t duplicate.

Working closely with Heartland Harps for about nine months, we drew on our expert knowledge of composites to create a carbon fiber musical harp that is lightweight and nearly impervious to heat, rain, and humidity. With the exceptional acoustical properties of carbon fiber, the sound quality of Heartland’s carbon fiber harps rivals wooden harps. Now amateur and professional harpists alike have the ability to create rich, full, concert-quality music. Each melodious harp is also a work of art whose beauty shines from its striking, black carbon fiber surface.

The proof of the successful collaboration between Crawford Composites and Heartland Harps is that every Heartland harp comes with a 10-year warranty.

Crawford Composites now manufactures three styles of carbon fiber harps for Heartland Harps: the Delight, the Legend, and the Infinity.

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Exquisite Volume
and Tone

The superb acoustical properties of carbon fiber make it the perfect material for musical instruments.

Lightweight and Resilient

Musical instruments made of carbon fiber are easily transported, incredibly strong, and damage resistant.

Climate Resistant

Be it high or low temperatures, sun exposure, or humidity, carbon fiber musical instruments can handle the tough demands of weather on a musical instrument.