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Crawford PaddleShift System

Crawford’s Latest Industry Innovation

With the new Crawford PaddleShift System, shifting from gear to gear is effortless and takes less than a split second. Click here to hear how our revolutionary product can give your race car a winning advantage.

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"Crawford took our concept from a paper napkin to a beautiful product with customized design and functionality. We were delighted by the price and on-time delivery. Frankly, we were blown away and so were our customers."

- Jeff Sturges, President of Resolute Racing Shells


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On-Target Results

When designing and building equipment for the military around the world, numerous standards and specifications must be adhered to with strict tolerances. The design of a product may require it to be as lightweight and comfortable as possible while remaining extremely strong and providing excellent ballistic protection. Advanced composites are the perfect materials to use to successfully create customized product solutions for the military industry.

Crawford Composites, LLC developed a proprietary manufacturing process for helmet systems to minimize weight and maximize strength and protective properties. We also developed a satin finish to achieve a non-glare carbon fiber surface without the additional weight of paint or other materials. Using CAD/CAM tooling and 5-axis machining, we were able to ensure accurate and repeatable methodology for precise placement and functionality.


Advanced Materials

Carbon fiber composites can be fabricated using fire- retardant materials and reinforced Kevlar to provide excellent ballistic protection.

Exceeding the Requirements of Form & Function

Working collaboratively with our customers, we ensure that our high-tech products conform to the exacting standards required by every project.

Rapid Results

Crawford’s innovative approach to composite fabrication quickly produce an exceptional molded surface quality and controlled thickness.

Endless Choices

Carbon fiber’s high strength-to-weight ratio combined with its ultraviolet light and corrosion resistance make it an excellent choice for military applications.