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Crawford PaddleShift System

Crawford’s Latest Industry Innovation

With the new Crawford PaddleShift System, shifting from gear to gear is effortless and takes less than a split second. Click here to hear how our revolutionary product can give your race car a winning advantage.

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"Crawford took our concept from a paper napkin to a beautiful product with customized design and functionality. We were delighted by the price and on-time delivery. Frankly, we were blown away and so were our customers."

- Jeff Sturges, President of Resolute Racing Shells


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Innovation with Purpose

Crawford Composites LLC’s expertise with advanced composite structural and non-structural technology assures rapid response and turnaround of aerospace industry products. Our master craftsmen ensure that our high-performance components are produced with a superb quality finish.

With integrity and our customers’ trust, Crawford Composites, LLC stridently adheres to all non-disclosure agreements with our customers whose products are of a sensitive nature. Our highly committed team members understand the constraints and dedication needed to deliver high-end carbon fiber composite products while observing the strict confidentiality required.

Continuous Development

More than 30 years ago, Max Crawford began experimenting with advanced composite materials and aerospace technology to be at the leading edge in the motorsports industry. Since that time, Crawford Composites has become a master in the production of structural and non-structural autoclaved carbon fiber and composite components. We continue to improve our products and processes through the testing and application of the latest composite technology and materials.

A Powerful Combination

Combining our expansive knowledge and talents with the multifaceted properties of carbon fiber allows us to capitalize on its advantages when creating products for the aerospace industry.